com.sun.lwuit Main widget package containing the component/container "composite" similar both in terminology and design to Swing/AWT.
com.sun.lwuit.animations All components are animatable by potential and additional animations (unrelated to a specific component) can be installed on the fly, transitions between forms are also handled as part of this package. Observable pattern event listeners in the spirit of AWT 1.1's event dispatching architecture, all events are dispatched on the EDT (Event Dispatch Thread).
com.sun.lwuit.geom Contains classes related to geometry locations and calculations such as rectangle and size
com.sun.lwuit.html The HTML package allows rendering XHTML-MP 1.0 documents including WCSS support.
com.sun.lwuit.impl The implementation package should not be used by developers, it is an internal implementation detail which will break compatibility between major LWUIT releases. LWUIT for IO is intended as a componentized solution for IO operations that allows us to centralize IO logic while maintaining a more portable approach for threads. This is an auxiliary package for the LWUIT HTML package, implementing the LWUIT HTML API on top of the IO API. Default WebService implementations Generic IO Related utility classes
com.sun.lwuit.layouts Layout managers allow a Container to arrange its components by a set of rules that would be adapted for specific screen/font sizes.
com.sun.lwuit.list Lists are highly customizable and serve as the basis for ComboBox and other components (such as carousels etc) they employ a similar MVC approach to Swing including the renderer pattern.
com.sun.lwuit.painter Painter allows us to draw arbitrary elements of graphics from plain/scaled/tiled images to gradients and pretty much any form of graphic drawing we can imagine.
com.sun.lwuit.plaf Look of the application can be fully customized via this package, it represents a rendering layer that can be plugged in separately in runtime and themed to provide any custom look.
com.sun.lwuit.spinner Spinners allows picking of simple sequential values similarly to combo boxes but of a much wider value set.
com.sun.lwuit.table Table component for editing and viewing tabular data and arranging LWUIT components in a tabular form
com.sun.lwuit.tree Tree component for displaying hierarchy based information and its related classes
com.sun.lwuit.util Utility features that are either too domain specific or don't "fit" into any other packages.
com.sun.lwuit.xml The XML package allows parsing XML documents into DOM objects.


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